Kite Optics Stabilized Binoculars--Redefine Quality and Accuracy

Kite Optics APC Image Stabilization Binoculars redefine your experience in marine and nature observation. Just as light and just as bright as conventional roof prism binoculars, but stable. And not the kind of stability you may have experienced before, but an entirely new level of stability. Observe the strongest winds. Observe as long as you like. See details as if you are watching a film. Start watching while you are still out of breath from that long walk and enjoy the highest magnifications without the slightest image vibration. But most important of all: Let yourself be amazed by the things you see that are invisible with even the best standard binoculars.

Kite Optics APC System

The stabilized binoculars are equipped with Kite's APC system (angle power control). The stabilizing electronics automatically go to sleep mode when the instrument is in rest position (hanging from the neck.) They automatically activate the unit when you start observing again. Results are a tremendous increase of battery life and comfort of use.

Gyro Stabilized, 2-3° Correction Angle

The stabilization of the APC goes beyond the suppression of image vibrations caused by wind or hand trembling. Its stabilization capacity is 2 to 3 times larger than other consumer stabilization binoculars. The binoculars have a military-grade stabilization system that allows seamless viewing from driving vehicles, boats, aircraft, and other unstable platforms.

Rain / Weatherproof

Kite Optics stabilized binoculars are fully waterproof. The optical system and electronics are sealed to result in an IPX 7 waterproof rating. It can handle any rain shower and be submerged to a 1-meter depth for 30 minutes. The system is nitrogen gas-filled, eliminating internal fogging; granting seamless viewing even during harsh weather.

Extremely Light and Compact

The instrument is lighter than most conventional binoculars. The binoculars come to less than 2 pounds, making the stabilization and optical system the most lightweight and compact stabilized binoculars ever made.

Kite opticsStabilized binoculars

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