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72” Silver Umbrella
72″ Black Panel Umbrella Cover
Eclipse 32" White Shoot-Through Umbrella

About Photography Umbrellas

Photography umbrellas are collapsible, portable light softeners. They're some of the most affordable light modifiers you can find, and they're suitable for virtually any type of lighting, including off-camera speedlights, sunlight, monolights, and strobes, as well as continuous light sources.

Choosing a Suitable Umbrella Size

Our umbrella sizes range from 30 to 72 inches when fully opened. The larger the umbrella, the softer the light will be. However, this is also dependent on the type of light you're using. Therefore, if you have less powerful speedlights or flashes, you may want to consider getting a large-sized umbrella to more effectively soften the light on the subject. If you travel with your umbrella lighting kits, consider telescoping umbrellas to save on space.