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The Smith-Victor 45 Watt LED Bulb fits almost any photographic light fixture that uses a standard Edison E-26 socket. Replace either florescent or hot photoflood bulbs with an energy-efficient, cool lamp that produces 375 watt equivalent of light. Featuring a CRI of 95 and a color temperature of 5500° K, the Smith-Victor 45 Watt LED bulb has an estimated life of 20,000 hours making it not only cost-effective but an improvement over other types of bulbs that do not have the life, color temperature and/or cool operating level that the Smith-Victor 45 Watt LED bulb provides.


  • Lamp life: 20,000 hours
  • Color temperature: 5500K
  • CRI: 95
  • Wattage: 45W
  • Tungsten equivalent: 375W

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