9-In-1 MultiDisc Reflector (3 Sizes)

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This Photoflex Multidisc 9-in-1 is a versatile and easy way to soften contrast or add warm or cool tones to your subject. The system is built around a double riveted metal frame covered in a white translucent material that allows you to soften harsh illumination like overhead sunlight or direct flash.

The gold sides of the reversible sleeve give you warm reflected light to reduce the blue cast in open shade or to lend the photo a late afternoon sun look. The matte silver side lends a cool look to the shot by reducing red, while the shiny silver side does the same with the addition of snappy contrast. The warm white and cool white or black sides of the slipcover provide soft, neutral fill light on the white sides or "negative reflection" on the black side to strengthen shadows and contrast or create a lighting ratio on a flat, overcast day.

Slide the translucent disc into the 2nd included slipcover to use the Soft Gold and SunLite surfaces. Soft Gold is a zigzag pattern of reflective silver and gold that renders natural-looking warmth with moderate contrast while SunLite is a less reflective version that's ideal for bouncing direct sun or for low contrast warmth.

The Multidisc 9-in-1 folds down to approximately 1/3 its open size and stores in the included carrying bag.


  • Translucent: Diffuses light and produces a broad light source and soft effect.
  • SunLite: Using a matte silver/gold cross hatch design, SunLite reflects light without the blinding effect of shinier surfaces. Perfect for direct sun.
  • White – Warm: Reflects slightly warm-cast light with very natural results. 
  • White – Cool: Reflects slightly cool-cast light with very natural results. 
  • Silver – Matte: Increases specular highlights and creates a brighter fill effect than a white reflection
  • Silver – Shiny: Increases specular highlights and can create a second light source.
  • Black: Absorbs light to create negative fill where needed.
  • Gold: Produces a strong warming effect. Ideal for using natural light during the “golden hour”.
  • Soft Gold: Combines both silver and gold in a zigzag pattern to create a slight warming effect. Great for use in open shade.


  • Guaranteed flat to create smooth, even reflections and give you control over your light source
  • Reflective skins easily zip on and off to change quickly 
  • Double-riveted frame for added strength to prevent breaking and maintain the firm shape  
  • Surfaces are double laminated for increased reflective efficiency and maximum durability
  • Features all of the Photoflex reflective options for maximum versatility
  • Easily folds to 1/3 its size for easy travel
  • Convenient carry-bag

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